TVEAP’s tribute to Yang Saing Koma – Country Coordinator, PROLINNOVA Cambodia

As you may remember, TVEAP did several interviews with several Prolinnova members whilst shooting footage for the video which was finalised and launched at the IPW in March 2011. According to Manori Wijesekera, TVEAP’s roving director, one of the most inspiring interviews was the one with Yang Saing Koma – Country Programme Coordinator of Prolinnova Cambodia. When Koma was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay award in June this year, TVEAP paid a tribute to him on their website:

TVEAP has also published the transcript as a pdf. We are indeed glad to have individuals like Koma who are a wonderful inspiration to the network and we are proud of what he and his team in CEDAC have managed to achieve in promoting local innovation and participatory innovation development in Cambodia.  The full interview can be read at: 

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