A Growing Culture & Prolinnova showcase local innovations

The Prolinnova network has entered into a partnership with A Growing Culture (AGC) to develop a knowledge base for showcasing and making accessible local innovations and farmer-led documentation.

The partners come together around a shared vision to strengthen the channels for exchanging innovations and farmer-led documentation in our communities and beyond. The knowledge base is a collective, multistakeholder and participatory initiative that will draw together on-the-ground work from around the world. The knowledge base uses appropriate technology that is site-specific and adaptable, addressing both digital and non-digital communities. A stakeholder gathering will be held in Uganda in September 2016 to make crucial decisions around this initiative and will include as participants, among others, Pelum-Kenya, Pelum-Uganda, InsightShare, Farm Radio InternationalALIN, World Neighbors, Environmental Alert and Best Practice Association (BPA). The last three mentioned are the coordinating NGOs of the Prolinnova Country Platforms in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, respectively.

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