Regional Platform Profile

Prolinnova–Andes was a regional initiative started by Vecinos Mundiales (World Neighbors), IIRR and Agrecol-Andes. Most of the activity has been in Bolivia. The multistakeholder platform sought to build partnerships in the Andean region (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru) in order to join efforts and share experiences in such similar geographical, environmental, social, historical and economical conditions.

The platform carried out activities in: a) Peru, under coordination of RAAA and ANPE (National Association of Agroecological Producers); b) Bolivia, with the support of Agrecol-Andes, World Neighbors Bolivia, PROSUKO (Programa de SukaKollus), AOPEB (Ecological Producers Association of Organizations) and PROINPA Foundation (Research on and Promotion of Andean Products), among others; and c) Ecuador, within the “Colectivo de Agroecologia” group that brings together several grassroots organisations and local NGOS, in addition to EkoRural.

In 2007, an international seminar on local innovation and its role in agricultural research and development took place in Peru, bringing together partners from throughout the region. In June 2008, a workshop was organised by the Bolivian partners on Tiahuanaco. There, it was concluded that interested partners will constitute an informal network, exchange experience and foster learning, while focusing on organising key joint activities.

Currently, the only national network that is active is in Bolivia (see Prolinnova-Bolivia page). Some organisations in Peru are in the process of restructuring their network. 

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