HIV/AIDS and Participatory Innovation Debt.

HAPID was guided by an international team composed of:

Prolinnova–South Africa
Brigid Lettybletty@inr.org.za
Romuald Rutazihanarutaromuald@hotmail.com

Prolinnova International Support Team

ETC Foundation (EcoCulture)

Ann Waters-Bayerwaters-bayer@web.de
Chesha Wettasinhac.wettasinha@kit.nl

ETC Foundation (Crystal)
Carolien AantjesApplied Ecology Associates
Michael Loevinsohn

HAPID synthesis report

The findings and outcomes of the HAPID action research have been compiled into a synthesis report on Participatory Innovation Development in the face of HIV/AIDS, by co-authors Brigid Letty, Max Mudhara, Noma Shezi, Ronuald Rutazihana, Gilda Fafetine, Carolien Aantjes, Michael Loevinsohn & Ann Waters-Bayer.

Working Papers

  Working Paper 1:Experiences with Farmer Experimental Design Workshops in Egypt    (PDF file 307 KB)  Working Paper 2:Farmer Experimental Design Workshop for the LEINUTS project in Kenya (PDF file 453 KB)Working Paper 3:Trying out PTD with NGOs in Peru and Bolivia  (PDF file 300 KB)Working Paper 4:Building capacity in participatory approaches (PDF file 559 KB)Working Paper 5:Participatory …

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